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Grace 2015

Love Never Sleeps 2015

Rumours of Glory 2015

Outside of Time 2007

Sharon Grace Routley 2006


Soundslikecafe Vol. 23 (Foghorn Records)
Outside of Time

Soundslikecafe Vol. 16 (Foghorn Records)
Love Never Sleeps
Soundslikecafe is a compilation CD series that goes to 1200 coffee shops across Australia, with an estimated 1.2 million cafe customers a week

Our song (Long, Long Way) is in an indie film documentary about a homeless, alcoholic woman (redemptive).(Rocky Roads University, Victoria, B.C.)

"Love Never Sleeps" was chosen to be on compilation CD Groupies Suck Vol. 9 with No Cover magazine (distributed thru Barnes and Noble, etc. nationally Jan. 2007)